Undergraduate Outreach Listserv,
Yale Psychology Diversity Committee

WHAT: Many lab manager and research assistant positions in psychology are advertised by word of mouth, obtained through networking, or influenced by the institution an applicant attended. This structure of employment advertising is inherently biased and puts historically underrepresented minorities and students at non-research focused institutions at a distinct disadvantage. We hope to share opportunities for full-time research positions or paid research experiences more broadly.

WHEN: We will send out an e-mail near the beginning of each month. We will only send opportunities that are paid (full time or summer positions), offer course credit, or provide services to students (e.g., Diversity Visiting Days).

WHO: If you are a faculty or staff member who is able to share these e-mails with with undergraduates or recent graduates interested in psychology at your institution, please subscribe!

Note: Right now we focused on getting the listserv in the hands of faculty and staff who can distribute it to their departments, rather than individual students. One exception: undergraduate students in leadership positions in affinity groups, cultural houses, or other organizations that primarily serve members traditionally underrepresented in academia are eligible to subscribe, if they can commit to forwarding our e-mails to other members of their group.

To be added to the listserv, please leave your e-mail at the linked survey

To advertise a position, please provide information about the position at the linked survey